Dental Assisting Courses


The National School of Dental Assisting offers a fast-track program that enables students to quickly and affordably obtain the skills and professional certification necessary to secure a position as a dental assistant. Classes for the 12-week program are held on Saturdays or Sundays from 9am to 6pm with lab offered on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6pm to 10pm, totaling 12 hours per week, and allowing students to maintain their full-time jobs while attending.This program is class-based, held in a working dental center, with a lecture area and treatment rooms, laboratory and sterilization room for hands-on training.In addition to learning basic and expanded function dental assisting, students gain official certification in x-rays, CPR and a Certificate of Completion in Dental Assisting.

We're currently offering 2 hands on clinical courses. View the below listings and click the buttons for more information.

Dental Assistant Course

Course Description

The Dental Assisting Program is a 12-week dental assistant hands on course, taught in a working dental facility. This allows full access to all dental instruments and equipment. Because it is a hands-on course, we cover a lot in a short amount of time. Hit the ground running with a dental assisting education that is accelerated and yet thorough.

This program is offered in Dallas and Houston, Texas, Carson City and Reno, Nevada, the Front Range and Grand Junction, Colorado and Puyallup and Vancouver, Washington.

All programs offer training in taking radiology (taking x-rays) that meets the requirement of that State. All programs include CPR certification and RDA in Texas.

Course Objectives

After graduating from the Dental Assisting Program, students will be able to assist the dentist chairside using standard dental assisting procedures. Students will also be able to expose a diagnostic quality radiographic survey (take quality x-rays), take impressions, make a bleaching tray, sterilize instruments and disinfect the operating area and other standard procedures.

EDDA I and II Combined

Course Description

This EDDA I and II program covers expanded duties such as final impressions and final restorations as well as other expanded functions. Graduates of this program receive the EDDA certificate.

Course Objectives

Graduates of the EDDA program will be able to perform expanded functions such as taking a final impression and placing final restorations. This program is only available in Colorado.

Upcoming Classes
  • CO
  • TX
  • WA
EDDA Combinded I & II-Grand Junction
Grand Junction, CO
Jan 28, 2017 - Feb 26, 2017
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EDDA Combined l & ll
South Denver, CO
Nov 12, 2016 - Dec 18, 2016
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North Dallas, TX Dental Assisting Class
North Dallas, TX
Dec 11, 2016 - Mar 9, 2017
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NSDA-Puyallup Dental Assisting Class
Puyallup, WA
Jan 21, 2017 - Apr 13, 2017
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